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10 Marriage Proposals Caught On Video That Will Make You Cry

You will cry. There will be tears. These are bordering on NSFW because of how embarrassed you'll be when you're crying Justin Timerlake a river next to your co-workers. Well maybe you won't get quite that emotional but I've scoured the web and found a definitive list of the 10 best marriage proposals captured on video. That said if you have any personal favorites that didn't make the list make sure to add them below.

  • 1. Unexpected trailer before a screening of Fast Five

  • 2. Heavily choreographed Disneyland proposal

  • 3. This guy really fell for his girl

  • 4. Highly organized proposal in Central Park featuring sailing and a string band

  • 5. Magician does great job making this proposal a complete surprise

  • 6. Engagement on the set of Scrubs

  • 7. Extremely elaborate proposal that involves hundreds of people helping to make the moment special

  • 8. Weatherman proposes to his girlfriend on air

  • 9. Circus performer choreographs proposal in the park

  • 10. British man sings his rooftop proposal

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