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    Nike Releases Annoying NYC "Boro" Shoes

    These shoes are dumb. Here is a list of reasons why.

    1. Harlem Is Not A Borough. Manhattan Is.

    2. These Are Supposed To Be A NYC Borough Collection And Nike Left Out Staten Island

    3. Nothing Should Ever Be Branded As "NYC Cool." Nike Should Have Left That To Beach Shops And Walmart.

    4. This Comes Only A Month After They Released The "Hipstamatic." Nike Is Now Essentially Urban Outfitters.

    Never Forget The Nike Good Years...

    If you're still interested, they go on sale at the "Ice Cream truck" parked in front of Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer in NYC this Friday. The shoes are Air Force 1s and each one comes with a specially engraved "NYC" lace tag. They cost more than you should spend on them.

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