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Celebrate Party Down Day With BuzzFeed

Exactly 1 year ago today the beloved and immaculate Party Down was taken away from us and cancelled from our lives. But instead of shedding tears of remembrance on this day, let's celebrate the good times and “anti-commemorate” a day we should never forget. June 30th shall forever be known as “Party Down Day.” Help us celebrate the new greatest day of the year. Here are some things you can do to help us celebrate.

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  • Peruse our Party Down Related Articles

    All day we'll be catering (sorry) to all of your Party Down desires with original content posted to our special PartyDownDayFeed. Perhaps you'll like it.

  • Sign our petition for the Party Down movie

    The Petition We're trying to get Mr. Hollywood and Barack Obama to greenlight the Party Down movie. Help us make it happen.

  • Write your own Party Down posts

    We would love for you to get in on the action. All Party Down posts that make it to the front page will receive a very special "Party Down Badge"

  • Tweet #PartyDownDay

    Help us make #PartyDownDay a trending topic. I read a rulebook once and it said if your holiday becomes a trending topic on Twitter it immediately becomes a nationally recognized holiday where everyone gets the day off from work.

  • Join the Facebook event

    The Facebook event Invite your friends!

  • Send us pics or videos of you celebrating Party Down Day

    Just post pics or videos of you celebrating Party Down Day in your own special way in the comments and we'll feature the best ones in a special post.

  • If you're involved with Party Down hit us up!

    So at the moment we're starting this holiday without any involvement from the actual cast or writers. If any of you are a fan of the holiday and would like to get involved just let us know.

  • Have fun

    Answer Henry's infamous question with yes.