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A Guide To Having No Regrets Before Your Last Summer Slips Away And You Become A Senior

If you're about to be a senior in college, your last summer is ending. There are things you've always wanted to do during your youth but you just never get around to them. This is your last chance before school starts for the final time and then you have jobs the rest of your life. This is a guide to making sure you have no regrets come the Fall.

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  • 1) Complete The "Generic Summer Checklist"

  • As this section is titled, the examples in this first part will be pretty generic sounding but instead of a bad thing that makes these all the more important. These are the ones right at the tip of your brain and you will regret the most if you don't do them at least once whether for nostalgia's stake or to actually experience them for the first time.

  • -Summer Fling

    -Summer Fling

    I'll be surprised if anyone can deny they've always kind of wanted a summer fling if they've never experienced it. Try your best to make one night just like some teen flick and actually go out to meet a guy or girl.

  • -Swim In A Pool At Night

    -Swim In A Pool At Night

    You almost definitely won't get caught swimming in a public pool at night and if you do just try to sound as sad as possible and explain this is your last summer and you always wanted to do this. But really you probably won't get caught. The thrill of breaking the law with the knowledge safety that it's barely illegal mixed with the obvious pleasure of swimming under the stars is sure to make this a memorable experience.

  • -Catch As Many Fireflies During One Evening As You Can

    -Catch As Many Fireflies During One Evening As You Can

    Take a jar and go into a field. Simply try to capture as many as you can so the next time you're sitting around on someone's deck and you feel that urge to jump up and grab the floating firefly but fear being ridiculous, you can think back to when you caught a whole jar's worth of them.

  • Climb A Large Tree

    Climb A Large Tree

    Your body will only be resilient to do this without proper climbing practice for so long. Climb a large tree with a friend and then spend an hour looking over the world below that you left behind.

  • -Slip n' Slide At Least One More Time

    -Slip n' Slide At Least One More Time

    This will probably not be as fun as you remember it, but you should make sure you do it at least one more time.

  • 2) Learn Something!

  • Many people judge if an experience was worth it on whether or not they learned something. Ensure summertime fulfillment by learning one of these suggestions.

  • -How To Do A Backflip

    -How To Do A Backflip

    If you can't already, you really want to be able to do a backflip. It really isn't all that hard though, just get a friend and watch a couple instructional videos on YouTube. Spot each other the first couple tries so you don't hurt yourself and eventually you'll become a master. Everyone is impressed by a backflip, this might be the most underrated skill to have.

  • -How To Play At Least One Instrument

    -How To Play At Least One Instrument

    Many people are only happy when they have an outlet to create, to be god over something. Musicians have this outlet. Learn an instrument and you really won't regret it.

  • -How To Exercise

    -How To Exercise

    The muscles you built while playing sports in high school and as a kid are not going to last forever. Learn how to exercise now before you have less time when you're older, work begins to pile up, and you find yourself overweight.

  • -How To Pick Up A Guy/Girl

    -How To Pick Up A Guy/Girl

    We are shy. We have been taught to hide emotions with constant lessons on sexual harassment and respect as children. Sexual harassment and not treating the other gender as equal is terrible but the lessons have created a society of young people who are deathly afraid to approach each other for fear of over-stepping. Break this mindset responsibly and break it as soon as possible.

  • -How To Sell Something Online

    -How To Sell Something Online

    Not all of you, but many of you are probably unsure how to sell things online. You are missing out on a ton of possible money that's going to be useful to you when getting out of college because of this. Learn how to sell things online and the junk you just have lying around can quickly become a substantial sum of money.

  • 3)Accomplishments

  • The clearest indicator of a successful memory is if you feel as if you truly accomplished something. Sure general "learning" in the last section are accomplishments but here are some suggestions that are more concrete.

  • -Read That Large Book You've Been Putting Off

    -Read That Large Book You've Been Putting Off

    Yes it's long and yes it's going to take you awhile to finish but you've been wanting to read that book for awhile now and you're going to feel bad someday if you never got around to it.

  • -Write That Song You've Always Wanted To

    -Write That Song You've Always Wanted To

    Getting over the barrier of "your first song" is quite the achievement. I'm sure countless readers have already done this but for those who haven't I highly recommend it. Even if the song doesn't turn out how you hope and you never play it for anyone, just remember everyone's first song is terrible and you'll almost definitely get better with time. Maybe you won't! But at least you can say you actually wrote a song.

  • -Make That Viral Video

    -Make That Viral Video

    Internet success is fun. The knowledge that thousands of people have seen your work is not something your parents and all generations before can probably say. If you think you have a great idea for a short video, make it and even submit it to BuzzFeed!

  • -Watch All Of The Academy Award For Best Picture Winners

    -Watch All Of The Academy Award For Best Picture Winners

    Be that guy/girl. You want to be that guy/girl.

  • -Meet Bill Murray

    -Meet Bill Murray

    The Holy Grail of summer accomplishments. Everyone wants to meet Mr. Murray but this is certainly no easy goal. Just think about how much easier your life would be if at any moment you could just say you met him. Nobody would ever grow tired of that story. So go for it. Somehow. Respect his privacy. But figure it out.