• 1) Find a birthday wish on YouTube to someone that shares your friend’s name.

  • 2) Send a ‘Family Circus’ cartoon that relates to birthdays

    2) Send a 'Family Circus' cartoon that relates to birthdays


  • 3) Wish them a “happy booooo-thday”

    3) Wish them a "happy booooo-thday"

  • 4) Post a link to a random item that you could have conceivably bought them. Never buy them anything.

  • Friend: : OMG did you really buy me Bose headphones?

  • Never respond to this

  • 5)Wish them “happy birthday” on an old, obscure photos of theirs. They’ll spend at least a few minutes looking for the symbolism of this.

  • An obscure old photo of “Joey”

    An obscure old photo of "Joey"

    You: Happy Birthday
    Joey: haha what?

  • You: Happy Birthday
Joey: thanks?

    You: Happy Birthday
    Joey: thanks?



  • 6) Find birthday cakes on Google Images that have your friend’s name in icing written on them

  • 7) Write them a morbid birthday poem

  • Joey, today is your birthday.

  • Although the winds will always blow and crash over the lush life of the meadows…

  • And the sea will crash and flow sometimes treacherous but often beaming from a lighthouse’s comforting glow…

  • You will not.

  • You will pass from this Earth before the fire of the Sun burns out.

  • And in the eyes of eternity, really only moments after the fire you extinguish with your hopeful breath upon your icy icing covered ice cream cake.

  • You have only moments left…

  • Joey.

  • Cherish them.

  • Cherish the Sun and time and the ability to understand your right and your left.

  • Cherish the sunny side of your time left on Earth.

  • Cherish the sonny side of Cher.

    Cherish the sonny side of Cher.

  • Ok that is all. Bye.

  • A Poem By Not-Robert Frost

  • There you go. Very dumb ways to celebrate your friend’s birthday on Facebook

  • Hope you learned a lot!

  • Make sure to add your own…