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7 Ways To Wish Friends 'Happy Birthday' On Facebook

Let me begin by saying these are all very very dumb. But when you're wishing your friend or acquaintance or person you must have added for some reason but now forget why a "happy birthday" on Facebook, you need something that stands out over the flood of generic "happy birthday joey!" wishes.

  • 1) Find a birthday wish on YouTube to someone that shares your friend's name.

  • 2) Send a 'Family Circus' cartoon that relates to birthdays

    2) Send a 'Family Circus' cartoon that relates to birthdays


  • 3) Wish them a "happy booooo-thday"

    3) Wish them a "happy booooo-thday"

  • 4) Post a link to a random item that you could have conceivably bought them. Never buy them anything.

  • Friend: : OMG did you really buy me Bose headphones?

  • Never respond to this

  • 5)Wish them "happy birthday" on an old, obscure photos of theirs. They'll spend at least a few minutes looking for the symbolism of this.

  • An obscure old photo of "Joey"

    An obscure old photo of "Joey"

    You: Happy Birthday
    Joey: haha what?

  • You: Happy Birthday
Joey: thanks?

    You: Happy Birthday
    Joey: thanks?



  • 6) Find birthday cakes on Google Images that have your friend's name in icing written on them

  • 7) Write them a morbid birthday poem

  • Joey, today is your birthday.

  • Although the winds will always blow and crash over the lush life of the meadows...

  • And the sea will crash and flow sometimes treacherous but often beaming from a lighthouse's comforting glow...

  • You will not.

  • You will pass from this Earth before the fire of the Sun burns out.

  • And in the eyes of eternity, really only moments after the fire you extinguish with your hopeful breath upon your icy icing covered ice cream cake.

  • You have only moments left...

  • Joey.

  • Cherish them.

  • Cherish the Sun and time and the ability to understand your right and your left.

  • Cherish the sunny side of your time left on Earth.

  • Cherish the sonny side of Cher.

    Cherish the sonny side of Cher.

  • Ok that is all. Bye.

  • A Poem By Not-Robert Frost

  • There you go. Very dumb ways to celebrate your friend's birthday on Facebook

  • Hope you learned a lot!

  • Make sure to add your own...

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