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2011 "Alt" Song Of The Summer Nominees

We've already covered America's popular 2011 Song Of The Summer Nominees and now it's time to give a bit of attention to some lesser known artists. Here are 11 suggestions for the 2011 "alt" song of the summer but make sure to leave your own favorites in the comments because this list certainly isn't conclusive.

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  • "Friend Crush" - Friends

    Fast Facts:  -Friends blew up after being named a Stereogum "Band To Watch"
    -Lead singer, Samantha Urbani, was a model for an XBOX 360 advertisement
    -I recently saw them in Brooklyn and most of the crowd seemed to already know this song by heart
    -Friends may or may not have been named after a little known show from the 90s starring Matt LeBlanc

  • "Lofticries" - Purity Ring

    Fast Facts:  -"Lofticries" was originally released as a B-side but seems to be getting much more attention than their official singles
    -The unofficial video above features footage from a 1974 Swedish film entitled Thriller: A Cruel Picture which was somewhat of an inspiration for Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill
    -The Jonas Brothers are really into Purity Ring, probably

  • "Lose It" - Austra

    Fast Facts:  -"Austra" is Katie Stelmanis' middle name
    -They're from Toronto
    -"Austra" is the beginning of the word "Australia" which is a continent

  • "An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum" - Shabazz Palaces

    Fast Facts:  -First hip-hop act signed to Sub-Pop
    -GorillaVsBear named Shabaz's album the best of 2011 so far
    -Shabazz Palaces is a name you wish you thought of

  • "Real Is A Feeling" - Pictureplane

    Fast Facts:  -Pictureplane aka Travis Egedy founded the musical genre known as "witch house" which I can best describe as..."it's like you're trapped in a witch's house and you know you're going to die so you dance anyway"
    -Travis is from Denver, Colorado
    -The king of witch house lives in a "witch castle" which is just a nicer version of a witch house

  • "Ice Cream" - Battles

    Fast Facts: -Everyone loves ice cream, especially in the summer and therefore this song is a great song to play in the summer and that is just science
    -Battles got their name from a term approximately meaning "small fights in a larger war"

  • "Harsh Realm" - Widowspeak

    Fast Facts: -The lead guitarist has a mustache. He is on the right. I guess the drummer has one too.
    -Widowspeak always thinks about you

  • "New Bridgade" - Iceage

    Fast Facts: -Apparently they saved punk
    -They're from Copenhagen
    -The NYTimes and the New Yorker have written about them

  • "Dream Analysis" - Jesse Ruins

    Fast Facts: -Japanese
    -Could be a boy or a girl, nobody is really sure
    -Jesse Ruins could have gotten his/her/their name from the lead singer's name

  • "How Can You Love Me" - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    Fast Facts: -Unknown Mortal Orchestra is actually a somewhat known band from Portland
    -They have a song called "Ffunny Ffriends" which misspells both the words "funny" and "friends"

  • "I Don't Believe In Love" - We Are Trees

    Fast Facts: -They're from Virginia Beach
    -The band is actually not made up of trees despite the name

  • Notes

    -I purposefully left out Cults, Washed Out, and Foster The People despite them being on many similar "indie song of the summer" lists because I felt as if they're all too popular to count as "alt" -Really feel free to add your own choices in the comments as this is in no way definitive of anything but my own opinions