• 1. Martha Stewart

    Poor Martha Stewart. She is such good person, it’s really such a shame she got caught. I mean, anyone in her position would have done the same thing, right?

  • 2. Bill Clinton

    Oh Bill. We know that being the president can be really stressful, but why did you have to go and cheat on sweet ol’ Hillary? ‘Because I Could’ - Bill Clinton

  • 3. Bernie Madeoff

    Bernie is just a sucker in general. Sorry Bernie. No Excuses.

  • 4. Steven Slater

    I think Steven is the one redeeming person on the list. I’m not even sure I consider what he did to be a poor decision. He’s just a man who knows how to make an exit, with style.

  • 5. Todd Margaret

    A pathological liar selling energy drinks, I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I think the day my boss asks me to sell a drink called “Thunder Muscle,” I might make a few poor decisions myself.