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    • toddkc

      The two words that describe the modern “conservative” movement: Magical Thinking You guys got your asses kicked byablack dude withafunny name. Twice. And you STILL can’t face facts. If Fiscal Conservatism was suchamovement imperative, than where was all this fiscal conservative pearl-clutching during George W. “Unfunded Mandate” Bush? That moronic Iraq invasion was 1.2 TRILLION dollars. And now they pretend DuhBya never even existed-my god, the man never spoke at either of the last two GOP conventions. What does that say? Keli Carender is reaping exactly what she has sewn. They createdadelusional “movement” that was built by the GOP machine to distance itself from the failures of DuhBya. And so they could say they were suddenly “outsiders.” Another reality challenged bubble that falls apart in the complex world of actual facts. But by all means Keli Carender. Please continue. And guarantee your party’s complete fracturing into irrelevance.

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