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Sweetest Invoice Ever!

Here's the story... "I'm the guy who quit his job with a cake awhile back. A few weeks ago, someone from People Magazine e-mailed me and asked me for permission to use my cake resignation photo in an article on their website. I tell them it's available for license -- meaning they have to pay me to use it. They ignore me and the next day, the photo's up on their website in a 'Take your job and shove it' type of article. I sent them a cease-and-desist letter. Six days later they say 'its been taken down' and offer me $75. That might have been a reasonable amount if they hadn't just outright used it. I would have been happy to license it to them for $75 BEFORE the article was published - but now I caught them. So what else would I do? I sent them an invoice. An invoice on a cake. It got delivered today, maybe 30 minutes ago or so."

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