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May 2020
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    todayispompeii commented on Members Of The LGBTQ Community — Tell Us The Wack Stuff Straight People Have Said To You That Just Isn't Okay

    My middle school principal told me I ‘wasn’t allowed’ to come out as non-binary because it would ‘set me apart from the other students’. I was 14, and had already set myself apart with my personal brand of weirdness. Also, it was none of his fucking business!

    2 months ago

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    todayispompeii commented on What Is It Actually Like To Have Schizophrenia?

    I was diagnosed at a very early age. (14) People often told me and my parents that I couldn’t have schizophrenia because I was “too young.” But the symptoms were all there, even before I got really sick. I’m sure if people would stop letting ageism get in the way, a lot of people… 

    3 months ago

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    todayispompeii commented on We Want To Know Your Favourite Memories From Pride

    So Boston Youth Pride 2019. I was 17. There were a bunch of booths handing out condoms/buttons/tiny pride flags etc. So this little girl( probably about 7) was looking at a gift bag at one of the booths with her mom. And she really wanted the gift bag because it had candy in it. The… 

    1 year ago

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