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    10 Things We Learned From Chelsea Handler's Visit To BuzzFeed

    Chelsea Handler stopped by the New York office this morning for Ashly Perez's #LadiesMakingThings interview series to chat about her Netflix talk show Chelsea, the presidential election, and why she has no time for people who complain.

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    Kate Bubacz / BuzzFeed News

    1. She doesn’t miss working at E!. / Via

    Chelsea Lately was kind of one-dimensional; it was all about celebrity. I don’t think anyone watches E! to learn anything — unless you want to learn what not to do. I believe you can combine comedy with learning.”

    2. She believes learning is a lifelong process.

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    “I want to keep growing up. I don’t want to be like on my deathbed and be like 'It’s a wrap on me.'”

    3. She went to Russia once, and that was enough. Also, we owe her one.

    Netflix / Via

    “For those of you who’ll never go [to Russia], you don’t have to. I went for all of us. I took a bullet for all of us.”

    4. She’s not impressed with Donald Trump.

    Netflix / Via

    “The fact that Donald Trump can get away and say these inciteful things about the candidate that he’s running [against] -- he’s running for the President of the United States and people are excited when he follows a teleprompter!”

    5. In fact, she thinks Ivanka should step in.

    Netflix / Via

    “I can’t believe his daughter supports him! I mean I’ve said this before but I was like, if my father ran for president — I love my dad and everything — it would be my responsibility to tell the world not to vote for this man.”

    6. She’s got a soft spot for Hillary Clinton.

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    “I can totally relate to the fact that she’s hardened to the process [of being a women in media]. She’s been attacked her whole entire life and if she didn’t do something wrong, her husband did something wrong that she was attacked for. She’s attacked for the way she looks, her physicality.”

    7. She also wants to get personal with the Obamas.

    Netflix / Via

    “I mean I love [Barack] Obama and Michelle Obama and I’m interested in that dynamic in their personal relationship, and I’m very interested in interpersonal affairs. I like people’s personal private lives.”

    8. She has no time for complainers. Literally, do not complain to her, ever.

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    “Don’t ever sit around and fucking complain. Just do not complain — that’s my number one rule. I mean we can talk shit about each other — that’s fun — but don’t complain about your work, because then, what are you doing?”

    9. And she definitely doesn’t have time for haters, bitch.

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    “I think the only thing I would say is you just don’t ever listen to somebody that says no. It’s just more motivation, like, 'Yeah bitch, I’ll see you on the flipside!'”

    10. But at the end of the day, she’s a team player.

    Netflix / Via

    “The greatest measure of success is how many other people you can help succeed.”

    Watch the whole #LadiesMakingThings interview with Chelsea here

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    You can catch new episodes of Chelsea every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on Netflix.

    Kate Bubacz/BuzzFeed News