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Uplifting Poetry

Choose One of these Poems to make a sad friend feel better, or make a serious friend laugh at life.

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  • 1. Connection

    Connection We split the world into in-groups and out-groups We do it rather automatically Sometimes quite fanatically The group that we identify with the most Is the group to whom we raise a toast The us becomes greater then the them We fling mud and then we condemn But instead for the sake of fairness Let's try to open our awareness Relax our fistfull of opinion Release it from your dominion... Connection

  • 2. Strong Love

    Ponder Awhile Spend some time in meditation on this street wisdom Out of the realms of misplacement Come the outcries of the anguished and abandonded They are heard And we devour the sweet bitterness Of their honeyed tongues Can we ever get around this incomfortness? ... Strong Love

  • 3. A Room With No Walls

    A Room With No Walls The cell I live in is my mind, where I reside, the place I hide. For when the past comes here to stay, I fold away, I hide inside. This cell is dank, it's walls sweat blood, it's ceiling crushes from above. The floor is wet, the stench is sweat, this place is lacking warmth, and love. I built this place with my own hand, the reason for to lock away, The light of day... A Room With No Walls

  • 4. Strong Women

    Strong Women There is no other source That could be more uplifting When your heart's clogged with shit Love can't get through Your valves need sifting and your life gears need shifting Than that bitter sweet gifting Of the love of a strong woman... Strong Women