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    The Origin Of Dragon Ball Character's Names Will Blow Your Mind

    Did you know that many of them were named after food?

    Akira Toriyama created Dragon Ball in 1984.

    Akira named most of the characters after puns on regular words, often involving food.

    Here are some of the most memorable.

    1. Kakarot = carrot.

    2. Goku = sky.

    Goku is Kakarot's new name given by Grandpa Gohan.

    3. Chi-Chi = breast.

    4. Gohan = rice.

    5. Goten = air or heaven.

    6. Vegeta = vegetables.

    7. Bulma = panties.

    8. Trunks = men's underwear.

    9. Master Roshi = turtle.

    10. Puar & Oolong = varieties of tea.

    11. Krillin = chestnut.

    12. Tien Shinhan = fried rice.

    13. Chiaotzu = dumpling.

    14. Yamcha = dim sum.

    15. Piccolo = small flute.

    16. Raditz = radish.

    17. Nappa = cabbage.

    18. Broly = broccoli.

    19. Mr. Satan and Videl both refer to the devil.

    20. Cinderella's "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" song inspired the Majins.



    Majin Buu

    21. The Ginyu Force is named after dairy products.

    Guldo = Yogurt, Recoome = Cream, Ginyu = Milk, Burter = Butter, Jeice = Cheese.

    22. Frieza = freezer.

    23. Mr. Popo = ?

    "I named him just because it sounds comfortable" - Akira Toriyama.

    For a complete list of names visit the Dragon Ball Wiki.

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