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    Can You Make It Through This Post Without Retching?

    I'm still throwing up... but it's definitely worth the challenge! NSFW and NSFL.

    You've seen this kind of posts before...

    But it was time to take the concept to the next level.

    Warning: this post has extremely gory animations and might not be safe for all audiences.

    This is just one of the many things that you will see from now on... and it gets worse!

    Enter at your own risk...

    And make sure to challenge all your friends!

    First, do not attempt to eat or see food for a while.

    Keep your mouth closed to hold anything from coming back up your throat.

    Silence your music and anyone around making disturbing noises.

    Make sure to keep your eyes open and don't take them off the screen.

    Avoid any contact with sharp objects.

    Relax your mind so your brain doesn't pop out of your head.

    By no means let anyone handcuff you.

    Think twice before you kill an insect... some species tend to be somehow vengeful.

    Always be kind to your pets.

    Careful when inviting over strangers...

    Don't forget your medication if you have allergies.

    Pay attention at all times!

    Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

    Don't ask for too many things this Christmas.

    Be extremely cautious when you go out for a swim.

    Stay out of the microwave.

    Don't trust what you see in the mirror!

    Think twice before going down to the cellar.

    Did I say no handcuffs?

    Congratulations if you made it so far... you're almost near the end!

    Stay away from large crowds.

    Careful when laughing at someone.

    Really, no sharp items whatsoever.

    Be right back, I'm off to throw up forever!

    Just a heads up: there's no way to unsee what you've just seen.

    So why are we really going through this?

    Enjoy your next meal!

    Help is on the way!