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22 Things You Might Not Know About "How I Met Your Mother"

Because the show's ninth and final season will premiere in a few days and we will miss Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and... wait for it... Barney!

The final season of HIMYM is almost here...

And Ted will finally marry the mother of his kids...

Even though we already know who that person is...

Here are a few things you might not know about the show!

1. The opening song is performed by co-creators' band The Solids.

The song is called Hey Beautiful.

2. Barney Stinson was named after a heroin peddler.

From James Ellroy's book L.A. Confidential.

3. Robin Scherbatsky and actress Cobie Smulders are both from Vancouver.

4. Ted is from Ohio, just like co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

5. An ongoing joke in the show is that nobody ever finds out what Barney's job is.

6. Another ongoing topic is "Who is Ted's best friend."

Even though it is already confirmed that it is Marshall, Barney ignores this every time and claims that he is Ted's best friend.

7. The show is filmed without the traditional live studio audience.

Because of the numerous scenes and the quick-cut nature of the show's visual style, the finished episode is later shown to an audience, and their reactions are recorded and added for broadcast.

8. In most "statistics" that Barney uses, the numbers 83 or 8 and 3 are involved.

9. Victoria was voted Ted's all time favorite love interest...

10. And Zoey the least favorite.

11. Alyson Hannigan was pregnant while filming many season 4 episodes.

Most episodes used TV tricks to hide Hannigan's pregnancy, including baggy tops and giant handbags, even subplots like Lily winning a hot dog-eating contest.

12. Later on, Cobie Smulders discovered that she was also pregnant.

Neither of their characters were pregnant on the show, so the costumers had the job of simultaneously hiding the pregnancies of the series' two main female actors.

13. Josh Radnor is allergic to dogs but the creators didn't know until he was cast.

That may have played a part in the decision to get rid of Robin's dogs in season 2.

14. Samm Levine auditioned for the role of Barney.

Levine told Neil Patrick Harris, when they were both on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, that he thought Harris was better as Barney than he would have been.

15. Although singers Britney Spears and Katy Perry were two of the biggest guest stars...

16. Fashion designer Tim Gunn was the most welcomed guest star from the cast and crew.

17. Conan O'Brien made a cameo appearance on season 7.

18. Victoria is Ted's ex-girlfriend who has appeared in the most episodes.

Without counting Robin since she is a main character.

19. All of Ted's future children scenes were filmed during season 1...

Main reason was to keep them the same age throughout the series and this includes a scene for the show's eventual final episode with The Mother.

Because this is how they look now.

View this video on YouTube

20. Maclaren's Pub was named after Carl Maclaren, the show's associate producer.

Also, a bartender named Carl plays a minor role in the show.

21. Another recurring gag is Ted and Robin saluting as though addressing a military officer.

Whenever somebody says a phrase or word that resembles a military rank ("Major Buzz-kill").

22. Most of the websites mentioned during the show are real.

Like and Even was created for charity and items from the show were auctioned off.

So don't forget to tune in next Monday!

Because we will miss these guys...

So much!


And this is the mother.