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    22 Things Only People With A Big Nose Will Understand

    Pinocchio, Big Bird, Barbra Streisand... NO THANKS!

    1. The embarrassment of hitting someone accidentally with your schnoz.

    2. Drinking and getting your nose dunked in the liquid.

    3. Or having to tilt your head back to empty a glass.

    4. Finding the right pair of glasses that won't make you look ridiculous.

    5. Knowing that your nose will outshine you in your selfies.

    6. When a pimple ruins an entire week of your life!

    7. Or when you have the courage to pop it...

    And end up looking like this guy.

    8. Crying and getting a huge swollen nose.

    9. Hating people who ask if you broke your nose and never got it fixed.

    10. Random people who assume you are Jewish.

    11. Getting annoyed when someone refers to your schnoz as a witch's nose.

    12. Or when they call you Big Bird...

    13. Or Dumbo...

    Because you don't really care what you look like.

    14. You know how important it is to avoid looking to the side when you talk to someone.

    15. Or being cautious with certain hairstyles!

    16. And not to lose a finger when picking your nose.

    17. Realizing that many villains are portrayed with big crooked noses.

    Why are we brainwashed to think there is only one solid idea of beauty?

    18. When the tip of your nose blocks the airhole on the coffee-to-go cup lids.

    19. Having to deal with an epic runny nose.

    20. Or causing a hurricane when you sneeze!

    21. Being careful when kissing someone so as not to stab them with your beak.

    22. Having a hard time deciding if you really want to draw more attention to your schnoz.

    So before you ever consider getting a nose job...

    Remember that having a big nose doesn't mean you are not beautiful.

    23. There's a lot of big nose lovers out there.

    And FYI, the bigger the nose, the larger the natural barrier that stops germs from being inhaled.

    Your prominent friend definitely rocks!

    So get over it... because it will keep growing for the rest of your days!

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