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    18 Quirky Portraits From The National Beard And Mustache Championships

    This photo shoot features the best beards and mustaches from these glorious competitions.

    The National Beard And Mustache Championships took place in New Orleans in early September.

    More than 150 contestants competed with their sculpted, waxed, sprayed, curled, spiked, or just plain bushy beards.

    Here are some of the most interesting looks, photographed by Greg Anderson.

    1. Colonel Sanders

    2. The Cowboy

    3. Jesus Christ

    4. The Kraken

    5. The Viking

    6. The Leprechaun

    7. Skinny Morpheus

    8. Young Dumbledore

    9. The Octopus

    10. The Hipster

    11. The Blow Dryer

    12. Salvador Dali

    13. El Chupacabra

    14. Jesse Pinkman

    15. SantaCon

    16. This guy...

    17. And this other guy...

    18. I'm speechless here...

    Who's your favorite bearded buddy?

    See the complete set of portraits in this gallery.