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We Spent A Day In The "Animal Kingdom" At SXSW And It Was So SoCal

The Codys know how to party. Catch the Season 2 premiere of Animal Kingdom May 30, only on TNT.

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When we first walked into Animal Kingdom’s hot spot in Austin, Texas, we didn't know where to start.

A portion of 4th Street had transformed into Southern California, to make the Cody family feel more at home. So we asked ourselves one question: What would they do (without getting into too much trouble)?

After we took in the SoCal vibes, we did what any sensible person would do: hit up the food truck.

The Mighty Cone was serving up all sorts of flavor-packed fried goodness based on things that happened last season (like "The Smash & Grab"), and these babies did not disappoint.

I mean...look at that cone of deliciousness!

The shrimp and avocado special, aptly named "Smurf's Catch" after Mama Cody, spoiled my taste buds something fierce, and I'm terrified I'll never have anything quite as good ever again.

Jake Danklefs was hanging out, making 170 pairs of customized Animal Kingdom–themed shoes on the spot.

First he bleached the shoes to give 'em that sun-faded look. Then, using vinyl stickers as a template, Jake hand-painted every single sneaker.

Make sure you check out all the action Animal Kingdom is bringing to the table starting May 30 on TNT.

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You're not going to want to miss it!

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