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We Talked To The Cast Of “Animal Kingdom” About Surfing And Here’s What We Learned

It's a way of life. Tune in to the Season 2 premiere of Animal Kingdom on TNT May 30!

1. On the ocean fixing all of life's problems...

2. ...and on its magical healing powers:

3. On what to do when you see a shark:

4. On learning where to surf:

5. On advice for beginners:

6. On getting over the fear after a bad experience:

7. On what it feels like to catch your first wave...

8. ...and your first pop-up:

9. On peeing in your wetsuit to warm up:

10. On surfing in general:

And finally, on why you should watch the Season 2 premiere of Animal Kingdom:


All photos by Aubree Lennon for BuzzFeed © 2017