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12 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Tell Your Parents About

Yeah, your parents don’t need to know about everything you do. You can let them know about T-Mobile’s amazing international data coverage, but you might want to keep the details of your wild trip to Europe to yourself.

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1. What you did on spring break.

2. What you did in Amsterdam.

3. What you did in Ibiza.

4. How you couchsurfed instead of booked hotels.

5. How you actually spent your summer abroad studying "art history."

6. How late you stayed out in Berlin.

7. What and where your first tattoo is.

8. How fast you were really going.

9. Who sometimes gives you free rides home.

10. Where all your money for textbooks went.

11. How you prepare for homecoming.

12. And how you feel every Saturday and Sunday morning.