10 Things You Shouldn’t Let Ruin Your Vacation

So many things can wreck your vacation, like assuming your wireless plan has data roaming in other countries (like this guy did — whoops). Luckily, there’s an easy solution to that one. But some trouble you just can’t avoid, so keep a positive attitude and remember, it’s all gonna make a great story one day.

1. Thieves steal all your stuff

Katlee20 / Via youtube.com

On the bright side: Now you have an airtight excuse to buy new stuff.

2. A cool Nigerian prince hacks your email / steals your identity


On the bright side: People will be flattered that you think they are “an honest person who capable and fit to help with and transfer of nine million dollars United States currency (9,500,000.0)”

3. It rains. And rains. And rains.

Paramount Pictures / Via cat-gif.com

On the bright side: Museums are a thing.

4. You miss your dog back home

On the bright side: Dogs love Skype. Wow. Such video chat.

5. You end up surrounded by freaks

On the bright side: Honestly? If you’re traveling and you don’t see any freaks? It means you’re the freak. #RealTalk

6. You drank the water and now you’re too sick to even move

Meanwhile In Russia / Via youtube.com

On the bright side: You don’t have to let your friends drag you around. Stay inside instead and watch weird, awesome foreign TV.

7. You overdid it on the sangria and hooked up with someone you shouldn’t have

On the bright side: As long as you kept it off social media, nobody needs to know.

8. You are detained by customs / security / Interpol

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images News

On the bright side: You’re now officially a sexy international criminal suspect with a great story to tell your friends back home.*

*If you ever get back home.

9. You miss your cat back home


On the bright side: Your cat could not possibly care less that you’re away.

10. You get some kind of weird rash

On the bright side: Maybe you’ll meet a cute doctor at the free clinic? OK, look. There may not be a bright side to this one.

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