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10 Things You Wouldn't Believe People Would Do For Money

A little money goes a long way, apparently. With T-Mobile's new family plan, you'll have a whole lot more of it to go around. Another $60/month, to be exact.

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1. They'll twerk!

Even Miley has to start somewhere.

2. They'll clean their brother's room!

Even if he didn't know it at the time, this bro has a strong career as a wingman ahead of him.

3. They'll pop some tags!

There's a humblebrag tucked in there, but nonetheless.

4. They'll be objectified!

This guy actually popped tags.

5. They'll retwist hair!

Just don't get it twisted, man.

6. They'll give massages!

$20 for just one shoulder.

7. They'll practice responsible driving!

It certainly ain't.

8. They'll venture into a clearly dangerous insect situation!


9. They'll throw their sister under the bus!

In fifth grade, gummy bears speak more than words. She would have understood.

10. They'll have their feet smelled!

Well, almost, at least. It's the thought that counts.

Thanks to T-Mobile, you won't have to do any of these things — we'll save you up to $60/month.