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12 Surprising Summer Essentials For Under $60

Make your summer even better with these 12 items you probably never knew you needed. With T-Mobile saving you $60/month over the other guys with their new family plan, you’ll need help figuring out how to spend all of it.

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3. If you actually don't ever want to leave that beach:


This portable 3W USB solar cell can fully charge most cellphones in four to five hours and can attach to windows for home use as well. Don't cell yourself short, grab one for $50.00.

5. Even if that social event is mostly underwater:


This bad boy can hold up to 48 quarts of ice and 72 cans (though don't feel so constrained as to stick merely with aluminum). It's also got handles and cup holders, so you never have to come out of the water again. Get water-based for $28.00.

9. If you're the resident grill master:


This grill has pivoting legs, which is as fun to say as it is to use — they not only make the grill easy to transport, but they keep the lid locked down during transit. Make your grill mobile for $49.99.

12. If you want to make sure no one takes your spot while you're enjoying summer:

Wicker Paradise (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: wicker-furniture

This beach towel will keep your spot warm while you go do whatever you want — because that's what summer's about. Reserve one for $29.95.