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10 Mashup Words That Don't Actually Mean Anything

The English language is a beautiful thing. So if you're like us, and are tired of made-up buzzwords like "frenemies," then gather your friends (and leave your enemies out of it) and get ready to roll your eyes at the 10 mashup words that need to be banned. Immediately.

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1. Blogebrity

There are those who blog... and those who are blogged about. They are NOT one in the same.

2. Staycation

Since when does the decision to stay home for an extended period of time merit its own word? Pretty sure that's just called "Sunday."

3. Manscaping

Gentlemen, don't let the same society that invented the word "guyliner" pressure you to over-groom. Hygiene is key! But so is looking like you've hit puberty...

4. Meeple

If your friends knew you refereed to them as "meeple," you'd become a "Lerson" (that's a lonely person) pretty fast.

5. Twant

Tweets max out at 140 characters for a reason. Follow the rules or get a blog.

6. Chillax

They practically mean the same thing. It's already redundant that we have two words for the same act... why do we insist on crafting a third?

7. Recessionista

Dressing well on a tight budget has little to do with being in a recession and a lot to do with being a 20-year-old with an unpaid internship who's still expected to eat and pay rent.

8. Wedsite

Whatever happened to a good ol' Save the Date? Now we have to hashtag your wedding? #NoThanks

9. Sexpert

If you call yourself a "sexpert" you are most definitely not. The study of sex and is called "Sexology," and what you do is called "overcompensating."

10. Listicle

What you just read was a list. It was in no way an article. Enjoy it for what it is. ;)

No more mashed up buzzwords. No more nonsense. T-Mobile understands that you need a plan you can understand.