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How 21 Of Your Favorite Bands And Musicians Got Their Names

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1. 'N Sync

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'N Sync is an acronym of the last letters of the first names and one nickname of all the band members, Justi(N) Timberlake, Chri(S) Kirkpatrick, Joe(Y) Fatone, Lance "Lanste(N)" Bass and J. (C.) Chasez.

2. Florence + The Machine

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Florence + The Machine originated from front-woman Florence Welch's teenage collaboration with her current keyboardist and co-writer Isabella "Machine" Summers. They were then known as Florence Robot/Isa Machine which eventually became shortened to the current name.

3. Queen

WireImage / Steve Jennings / Getty Images

The iconic band was originally called "Smile," but front-man Freddie Mercury changed it to "Queen," because according to him: "It's a strong name, very universal and immediate. It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations."


Hulton Archive / Getty Images

"ABBA" is an acronym formed from the initials of the first names of the band members: (A)gnetha Fältskog, (B)jörn Ulvaeus, (B)enny Andersson and (A)nni-Frid Lyngstad

10. Chumbawamba

Redferns / Mick Hutson / Getty Images

One of the many leading theories to the band's esoteric name is that one of the band members had a dream where men were called "chumbas" and women "wambas."

11. Coldplay

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

The band was originally called "Starfish" before acquiring the name "Coldplay" after an acquaintance, Tim Crompton, no longer wanted the name for his band. Coldplay itself came from a collection of poems by Philip Horky called "Child's Reflections, Cold Play."

12. Radiohead

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Known originally as "On a Friday," they were given two weeks after signing with the label Parlophone to change their name. They settled on their current name after the 1986 Talking Heads song "Radio Head."

15. Ramones

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Although called the Ramones, none of the band members were actually named as such. The name stems from Paul Ramon, an alias that Paul McCartney used to use while booking hotel rooms.

17. Lady Gaga

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The origins of Lady Gaga's name, much like the artist herself, is shrouded in controversy. The popular belief is that Producer Rob Fusari would sing Queen's song "Radio Ga Ga" instead of saying hello to the artist, then known as Stefani Germanotta. Once in a correspondence between the two, "Radio Ga Ga," was autocorrected to Lady Gaga and a star was born. However, an anonymous Gaga "collaborator" once told the NY Post that the name was the result of a corporate marketing meeting.

20. Gotye

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

Gotye is a play on Wally De Backer's Belgian birth name Wouter. Wouter translated to french is "Gaultier" which eventually got jumbled into "Gotye" as his stagename.

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