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16 Animals That Clearly Need A New Plan

These animals obviously didn't have a good plan beforehand. Fortunately, if you've ever felt the same about your cell phone plan, T-Mobile has a family plan that's right for everyone: because it'll save you $60/month.

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1. This elephant will never forget to watch where she's walking again:

2. This cat needs to become choosier about where he sits:

3. This horse — well, this horse just didn't really try at all:

4. This dog should have spent more time thinking about how he'd make his great escape rather than where he'd bury that lingerie:

5. This cat should've waited to jump until spring:


6. This hedgehog that should have paid heed to "slow and steady wins the race":

7. This kitten has good bathroom etiquette, but he never should've tried jumping when he knew there wasn't TP left anyway:

8. This panda also should have thought more about her escape plan:

9. This cat that should have thought twice about why humans drink from cups and cats don't:

10. This elephant that didn't practice his technique enough before going for the shot:

11. This pig that should have adopted a sneakier approach:

12. This cat that needs to work on his timing:

13. This cat that should have repositioned that bag before hiding in it:

14. This raccoon that should have accepted that his new home is that Dumpster now:

15. This kitten that needs to spend more time getting to know herself:

16. And just for "kicks," this kangaroo that actually executed his plan perfectly:

Learn from the kangaroo. Get yourself a new plan with T-Mobile's Simple Choice Family Plan and save $60/month.