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21 Parents That Are Doing It Right

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1. This dad who built his kid a rollercoaster in their backyard:

2. And these parents who built a hockey rink in their backyards:

3. Parents who dress up their kid as Iron Man:

4. Or parents who build a costume around their child's wheelchair:

5. Dads man enough to sing "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid to their daughters:

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6. Parents who are considerate of others on flights:

7. Jeremy Lin's parental units dressing him up as Bambi:

8. Parents who do this:

9. Or this:

10. Or even better, make their kids this:

11. Parents who introduce their children to the classics:

12. This father who sacrificed both his physical and mental health to bring his kid to a Justin Bieber concert:

13. Moms who instill the importance of exercise:

14. Because physical fitness is important:

15. Just ask this mom:

16. Dads with balance are pretty cool too:

17. Especially being in sync with your daughter:

18. Parents with a sense of humor:

19. Moms that are good sports:

20. Parents who show their kids what love is all about:

21. Dads who DJ with their kids:

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