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10 "Totally True" Facts About North America

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12 Honest Taglines For Nearly Everything

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16 Animals That Clearly Need A New Plan

These animals obviously didn't have a good plan beforehand. Fortunately, if you've ever felt the same about your cell phone plan, T-Mobile has a family plan that's right for everyone: because it'll save you $60/month.

15 Things That Definitely Do Not Look Legit

Signs are everywhere. But some are clearer than others. Don't get misled — T-Mobile has a perfectly clear sign for you. With our new family plan, you can save $60/month. That's the truth.

10 Things You Wouldn't Believe People Would Do For Money

A little money goes a long way, apparently. With T-Mobile's new family plan, you'll have a whole lot more of it to go around. Another $60/month, to be exact.

10 Mashup Words That Don't Actually Mean Anything

The English language is a beautiful thing. So if you're like us, and are tired of made-up buzzwords like "frenemies," then gather your friends (and leave your enemies out of it) and get ready to roll your eyes at the 10 mashup words that need to be banned. Immediately.

12 Surprising Summer Essentials For Under $60

Make your summer even better with these 12 items you probably never knew you needed. With T-Mobile saving you $60/month over the other guys with their new family plan, you’ll need help figuring out how to spend all of it.

10 Free Agents Your Team Needs To Pick Up

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12 Reasons Why The 12th Man Is The Best Man

Seattle fans really know how to football. Fun fact: Not only is the city home to the current World Champions, it's also a proud home to our T-Mobile headquarters (that's us!).