When life hands you a miserable rainstorm, make a giant whale.

Because vacationing like a kid is the only way to travel.

The strangest places are always the most memorable.

Because distance shouldn't make a difference.

I can't even pour milk without spilling it, but heck, life is about breaking barriers.

Small doesn't mean insignificant.

On happiness and living unlimited.

Limits suck...but are also hilarious. Learn more about T-Mobile One: http://po.st/JmA8CK.

You'd probably brag too if you sneezed and created Hawaii.

It's like right over there! Just go already!

Sometimes all you need is a sentence.

The English language is a beautiful thing. So if you're like us, and are tired of made-up buzzwords like "frenemies," then gather your friends (and leave your enemies out of it) and get ready to roll your eyes at the 10 mashup words that need to be banned. Immediately.