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8 Quietest & FREE Places In NYC

Whether they offer silence for thinking or charms for inquisitive minds, these are my Top 8 FREE, Quietest Places in NYC. I've covered Manhattan & The Bronx, but let me know if you know of any other places in Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn that I can add to the list! Comment below!

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8. The Old, Abandoned City Hall Station

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Old New York with all it's charms.

Today, the subway stop still remains closed but you can get a quick glimpse of the platform by taking the 6 train past its last stop at Brooklyn Bridge. For those who want a full-blown tour, you can become a member of the MTA Transit Museum to access the City Hall station.

6. Belvedere Castle

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Located in Central Park, this castle remains a trademark and tourist visit. However, if you visit during not-so-ideal weather, you'll find yourself alone at the top- your very own Kind or Queen of Belvedere.

5. The Poets House

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Free and open to the public, this 60,000-volume poetry haven lies as a hidden gem at River Terrace. Couches, table, and local varied art and poetry accent the walls.

Come here if you need a change of environment in a familiar environment.

4. Woodlawn Cemetary

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Not just an average cemetary, Woodlawn Cemetary remains as a historic, natural and cultural landmark. You'll learn more about the past vividly here than in any book you read.

3. The Reservoir

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Located in the North Bronx, the Reservoir was built in 1906 to serve the New Croton aqueduct as part of the New York City water supply system.

You can walk, jog, ride your bike, or watch the sun set and almost forget where you are.

2. Harris Field

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

This place is named after Father John Joseph Harris, who dedicated much of his life to working with youth. Fitting since an angsty teenage "me" spent a lot of time here, laying on the field and looking for stars.

Whether you want to play sports during the day or enjoy the stillness at night, Harris Field will be there waiting for you.

1. FDR Drive

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

One of THE best waterfront views in NYC. Whether you ride your bike along the water or take a midnight drive, FDR is pure heaven at night.

Not only is it beautiful, but it's a timeless beauty-the kind you never grow tired of.

The best part? It's almost never crowded (at least at night). It'll always feel like it's YOUR special place.

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