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    Ranking The Contestants Of ANTM, Cycle 4

    During America's Next Top Model, Cycle 4, viewers got to see the infamous Tyra Banks freak out and a girl with "flesh eating bacteria" on her face. With such a crazy cycle, how did the girls actually stack up when it came to modeling?

    14. Noelle Staggers

    13. Sarah Dankleman

    12. Brita Petersons

    11. LLuvy Gomez

    10. Brandy Rusher

    9. Tatiana Dante

    8. Tiffany Richardson

    7. Rebecca Epley

    6. Christina Murphy

    5. Michelle Deighton

    4. Keenya Hill

    3. Brittany Brower

    2. Kahlen Rondot

    1. Naima Mora