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Ranking The Contestants Of ANTM, Cycle 3

ANTM Winner Eva may have been a diva, but is she the best contestant of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 3?

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13. Magdalena Rivas

ANTM / Nick Cardillicchio / Via

Magdalena participated in this photo shoot, and afterwards she was notified shortly with a letter that she was being eliminated. Apparently posing like you're about to take a righteous pee doesn't warrant you a moment in front of the judges panel.

12. Jennipher Frost

ANTM/ Nick Cardillichio / Via

Jennipher was the fourth contestant eliminated, but this insecure beauty didn't leave much of an impact on viewers. At least she left behind this photo, letting girls out there know that pompadours and old dirty blankets are perfect styling options for a day at the beach.

10. Leah Darrow

ANTM / Daniel Garriga / Via

Leah Darrow was eliminated after a swimsuit photo shoot in Jamaica, where she was visibly uncomfortable, making her the second girl booted off of Cycle 3. After the show, she became an advocate for the Roman Catholic Church. As a motivational speaker, she describes her experiences feeling degraded during sexy photo shoots, and she urges others to learn from her experience and embrace modesty and living for Christ.

9. Kelle Jacob

ANTM/Hyungwan Roo / Via

Kelle Jacob is unfortunately remembered as taking one of the worst photos in ANTM history. Other bad pictures are forgettable and blah, but this one just burns into viewers' brains and the image never seems to go away.

8. Nicole Borud

ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging / Via

Based on her show portfolio, Nicole was one of the best models of the bunch. She was eliminated on episode 9 for being "forgettable," and unfortunately that assessment has a ring of truth to it.

7. Cassie Grisham

Oklahoma beauty, Cassie Grisham, is best remembered for having an eating disorder and freaking out when mean girl Ann mutilated her low-carb brownies. Eventually Cassie was eliminated for no longer having her heart in the competition.

6. Amanda Swafford

ANTM / Troy Ward / Via

After Amanda's makeover, she became a dead ringer for Annie Lennox, and on the show, she continued to wow the judges with her stunning photographs and her ice blue eyes. She is best remembered for revealing her visual disability during casting and causing the other girls to freak out and cry upon learning the news.

5. Toccara Jones

ANTM/Davide / Via

Plus-size model Toccara Jones was one of the most memorable and likeable contestants of all time. While on the show, she was voted by fans as the Covergirl of the Week five times, and post-ANTM, she was the first black plus-size model to ever appear on the cover of Italian Vogue.

4. Ann Markley

ANTM / Takashi Miesaki / Via

Although Ann came in fourth place, she experienced quite the emotional beating on the show. Judge Janice Dickinson dubbed her "Ann the Man," and she was frequently told she was just a pretty girl, not a model. After being eliminated, however, she showed everyone how wrong they were about her when she became a successful model in the fashion industry.

3. Norelle Van Herk

ANTM / Troy Ward / Via

Sweet Noelle showed up at casting as a girl with braces and long hair, and she left the competition a stylish woman. Her bird-like features photographed beautifully, and although she didn't have much drama on the show, her modeling made her a fan favorite.

2. Yaya DaCosta

ANTM / Bill Biodato / Via

Runner-up Yaya could have just as easily won the competition this cycle. She was memorable and photogenic, and she used her brains and dance experience to her advantage. Her career post-ANTM has been very successful. In addition to appearing in several major campaigns for such brands as Target, Olay, and Radioshack, she has also acted in film and television.

1. Eva Pigford (Marcille)

ANTM/Troy Ward / Via

Eva the Diva took stunning photographs and had a spunky personality, which made everyone forget that she was only 5"7. She deservingly took the title of America's Next Top Model, and post-ANTM, she has a successful acting and modeling career. Bonus that Missy Elliott gave her a shout out in her song "On and On."

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