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    Ranking The Contestants Of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

    Here's a ranking of the ladies we loved and the ladies we can't remember of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 1. Who's your favorite and why?

    10. Tessa Carlson

    ANTM/Douglas Bizarro / Via

    Nineteen-year-old Tessa Carlson was eliminated in the first episode for her lack of posing skills. Apparently, bending over and touching your butt isn't as comely or makes you memorable as some people were brought up to believe.

    9. Nicole Panattoni

    ANTM / Via

    Nicole Panattoni looked like Heather McNamara from Heathers, but she was booted off early because of her lack of commitment to the competition. She will forever not be remembered in a good or bad way, which is probably for the best.

    8. Katie Cleary

    ANTM/Barry Hollywood / Via

    On Cycle 1, Katie Cleary didn't make much of an impact. She was eliminated after the second challenge because she was deemed too sexual. However, she managed to take that sexiness and create a solid career for herself after the show. She was a permanent Deal or No Deal model, and she appeared in several commercials and as a host for various TV programs.

    7. Robin Manning

    ANTM / Michel Haddi / Via

    Beauty queen Robin Manning often photographed looking stern and angry, but she was most memorable for being hypocritical, judgmental, and a homophobe. From hating on fellow contestant Ebony for her homosexuality to hating on Elyse for her atheism, the devout Christian, Robin, sure didn't have much love in her heart for "sinners." One of the best moments of the show was when Tyra finally called her out for judging everyone else but shaking her boobies at one of the Jays.

    6. Ebony Haith

    ANTM/Barry Hollywood / Via

    The quick-tempered Ebony Haith questionably confronted Giselle for being immature and lazy, but she rightfully confronted Shannon and Robin for their homophobia. As a model, Ebony only seemed to have one look, but it was her drama in the house that made her stand out.

    5. Kesse Wallace

    ANTM/Douglas Bizarro / Via

    Kesse Wallace didn't talk much or engage in drama, but she had a presence to her that was very likeable. She was cut after the go-see challenge for not making it to all of her go-sees, but at least she got to fly to Paris.

    4. Giselle Samson

    ANTM/Daniel Garriga / Via

    Although Giselle Samson was a master of movement in front of the camera, she annoyed everyone by whining and fishing for compliments all the time. Despite the fact that her picture with NFL Rookie for the Year Clinton Portis was one of the best of the bunch, she was eliminated that week because Tyra heard her self-deprecating remarks, proving to everyone that we can succeed if we just learn to STFU.

    3. Shannon Stewart

    ANTM/Tyra Banks / Via

    On Cycle 1, girl-next-door, Shannon Stewart, took viewers' breath away with her classic beauty and giant white teeth. Unfortunately, her appearance on All-Stars ruined her mystique when people realized that instead of being fascinatingly pure, she was just boring.

    2. Adrianne Curry

    ANTM/Troy Ward / Via

    Adrianne Curry won ANTM Cycle 1, and while she was memorable for her awkward walk and her mumbling way of speaking, her post-ANTM antics truly made her a star. From her public beef with show creator Tyra Banks to her appearance in Playboy, Adrianne knew how to keep herself in the news. She turned her wild child antics into a successful modeling and reality star career. Bonus that she married and divorced Peter Brady (Christopher Knight.)

    1. Elyse Sewell

    ANTM/Troy Ward / Via

    Pre-med student Elyse Sewell may have come across as arrogant on Cycle 1, but she really DID seem like the smartest person in every room and her high-fashion look was breathtaking. Post-ANTM, she has had a very lucrative career, modeling for Chanel and Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong.