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Can You Believe This Ridiculously Racist Email From A Hollywood Producer To An Asian Filmmaker?

"If I was racist against Asian people what was I doing at a Chinese US Film Summit?" Note to film producers, this is not a good argument to defend an offensive gesture.

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Asian-American filmmaker Laurie Tsou attended the US China Film Summit on November 5, 2013, and she met a Caucasian producer who told her that he was a "big deal." During their meeting, he spoke to her about Asia and then strangely pulled at his eyes to make the infamously offensive "slant eye" gesture.

Tsou was appalled and immediately ended the conversation, letting him know his action was not okay. Instead of apologizing, he emailed her this afterwards and cemented his place in jerk history by telling her to basically stop being so sensitive. She responded by sharing this on Facebook and shedding light on racism towards Asians in Hollywood.

Have you ever met someone who was this defensive about their ignorance? Please let us know in the comments below.

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