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  • A Badass Name For A Badass Royal Baby!

    George Alexander Louis is the name given to royal baby of the beloved Kate and WIlliam. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their bundle of joy into this world just over 48 hours ago. Unlike the birth of WIlliam or even other royals in the past, this royal baby had his “photo op”, formal introduction to the Queen and name announced all within the first 48 hours, a stark in comparison to Prince Charles that took a month just to get his name. But on to this badass name- Prince George Alexander Louis. Some speculate that the boy was named George because of Queen Elizabeth’s II father was named George. However, I have a different theory. Let us break down the name. 1.) George- King George, one of the greatests kings of the British Monarchy that rule over the United Kingdom and was the last Emperor of India, and the first leader of the Commonwealth. 2.) Alexander- Alexander the Great (need I say more about how badass Alexander the Great was?) 3.) Louis- A French king, though executed at the end of the French Revolution, King Louis still remains one of the most prominent names in French Monarchy history. This is the trifecta effect of names for a child with a birth that was so revered that the only logical explanation is that… this is the second coming! I am obviously mocking the hype that is being given to a mother that gave birth to a child, something that happens millions of times a day yet this one seems to be getting all the attention. What do you think about the name and the Royal Hype? ( I thought we broke away for a reason?)

  • Once A Weiner, Always A Weiner Whomp Whomp

    Remember when the (questionably hottie) former Congressman Anthony Weiner exploded all over media for a sexting scandal that forced him to resign from congress? Well he is back! He is back not only as a candidate to become the next mayor of New York City, but also because those naughty “sexts” apparently never went away. Weiner admitted Tuesday that his sexting never stopped even after that unforgettable humiliating resignation. When a website put up various texts and explicit photos of Weiner from 2012 (after his resignation), he was quick to set up a press conference to apologize for what happened and yet again… a second chance and forgiveness! But thats not really an apology for the second time, it is more like the third time cause there that first stexting incident to start with. “Some of these things happened before my resignation. Some of them happened after,” Weiner said trying to placate his supporters that are down-right confused about his uncontrollable Weiner that seems to be getting him into one trouble after another. So should we give him a second chance or once a weiner, always a weiner and we should expect to hear many more “apologies” Let me know

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