15 Reasons Juan Pablo Is The Perfect Next Bachelor

The best thing to come out of Venezuela since, well, ever.

1. The man rocks a Speedo like Ryan Lochte only wish he could

2. He’s not even a little bit intimidated by successful women

3. And he’s always ready to go. Hot tub style.

4. He’s not afraid to rock a V-neck

6. And he rocks the blazer+T-shirt combo better than - dare I say it? - Ryan Gosling himself

7. Why, yes, he is a former pro soccer player

Is it just me or does he actually sweat heart shapes?

8. And the world’s best dad

9. Let’s be real, everyone knows that real men play the bongos

10. And lasso bales of hay with bull heads on them

11. Or take a selfie every once in a while

Via YouTube/Image Capture

12. The guy has great hygiene

Via YouTube/Image Capture

13. And. Those. Abs.

14. Juan Pablo can handle himself and isn’t afraid to act tough

15. But in the end, let’s face it, he’s nothing more than a hopeless romantic.

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