12 Traits Of A True “Sherlock” Fan

It’s been over a year since “The Reichenback Fall” aired and recent news has it that the next season isn’t scheduled to jump the pond until “early” 2014. If ever there were a time for the Sherlocked among us to band together, it is now.

1. You’ve watched “The Reichenbach Fall” roughly 30 times

The answer has to be in there somewhere. Maybe if I watched it one more time…

2. And you’ve read every single theory the Internet has to offer - including the ones that make no sense whatsoever

3. The day you realized this guy was going to be Bilbo you experienced what normal people must go through when Madonna or Beyonce announce a tour

4. And when you found out these two were appearing TOGETHER in the second Hobbit movie, well, that’s something normal people just can’t understand

5. The only Tumblr you care about is “Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch”

6. Your password to everything is “I AM SHERLOCKED”

And you really don’t care if everyone knows it and can hack into your computer at any time. It’s staying.

7. Okay, so maybe you get a LITTLE defensive when people mispronounce Cumberbatch

It’s really not that hard, people.

8. And he’s the reason you waited in a four hour line the day this opened

And it was worth it.

9. Every time you change your mind about something you just can’t help it - you have to say it

Via Tumblr #imsochangeable

10. It is, after all, your only weakness

11. The last time you cried this hard watching something was when Mufasa died

12. And this happy? Never.

Hang in there, diehards. The best is yet to come.

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