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    I Ranked All Of The NFL Team Logos From Worst To Best, And You Cannot Change My Mind

    Some of these are just lazy.

    32. Cleveland Browns

    a drawn image of a helmet.

    31. Washington Commanders

    30. New York Jets

    an outline of a football that says "new york jets" on it, with a drawn image of a minimalist football underneath the team name

    29. San Francisco 49ers

    an oval that says "SF" in the middle of it

    28. Green Bay Packers

    an oval with a G inside of it

    27. New York Giants

    lowercase "ny"

    26. Chicago Bears

    a wide "c"

    25. Dallas Cowboys

    a star.

    24. New England Patriots

    a pennant-shaped flag with a star on the right-hand-side and a face on the side of it toward the bottom right hand corner

    23. Tennessee Titans

    a circle with a T and 3 stars in the middle of it. protruding from the upper-left-hand of the circle is a drawn-on flame.

    22. Los Angeles Chargers

    a lightning bolt in a c-shape, pointing downward

    21. Arizona Cardinals

    a drawn image of  cardinal

    20. Cincinatti Bengals

    a b with tiger stripes on it

    19. Seattle Seahawks

    a drawn image of a seahawk

    18. Indianapolis Colts

    a drawn image of a horseshoe

    17. Baltimore Ravens

    a drawing of a raven with a B on the sides of its head

    16. Miami Dolphins

    a drawing of a dolphin floating in front of a drawn image of the sun

    15. Kansas City Chiefs

    14. New Orleans Saints

    13. Minnesota Vikings

    a drawing of a viking looking to the right

    12. Atlanta Falcons

    a drawing of a falcon flying through the sky

    11. Pittsburgh Steelers

    a circle with three stars that says "steelers"

    10. Houston Texans

    9. Jacksonville Jaguars

    a drawing of a jaguar

    8. Detroit Lions

    a drawing of an outline of a lion mid-pounce

    7. Los Angeles Rams

    the letters LA in the shape of ram horns

    6. Las Vegas Raiders

    a shield shape with a drawing of a pirate wearing a helmet. the top of the shield says "raiders"

    5. Denver Broncos

    a drawing of a bronco with its hair blowing in the wind

    4. Carolina Panthers

    a drawing of a panther

    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    a drawing of a flag, slightly tattered, with another drawing of a skull on it. the crossbones are two swords surrounding a football

    2. Buffalo Bills

    a drawing of a bill running mid-air with a stripe through the entire drawing

    1. Philadelphia Eagles

    a drawing of an eagle

    Do you agree with my rankings? Let me know in the comments!