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The Doctor Who Couple From Texas Is Making A Difference

The couple that went viral last August, and again in December, are back! They are using their internet virality to do some good.

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The Cross My Hearts Foundation advocates marriage equality and assists in building the foundation of LGBT families. We focus not only on marriage equality... But we also connect LGBT families with LGBT friendly adoption agencies, surrogacy agencies, and attorneys that specialize in LGBT family matters. We will also eventually provide financial assistance with legal battles involving LGBT parents and their children should the need arise, as well as family counseling.

Their Facebook page says, "Join us in creating a safe and equal world for every human. Because no matter who you are, love is always bigger on the inside."

"We are still looking for a web designer for our website, but for now you can absolutely interact with us and contact us through our Facebook page!" TJ says.

TJ & Timmy will be making their first public appearance this weekend at HavenCon in Austin, TX

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"Their panel and Q&A is Sunday, April 5th at 3:00pm where TJ & Timmy will be joining us to talk about marriage equality in Texas, the adventure of getting the whole family together, and the amazing Who themed wedding.

But there’s more! Joining them will be members of the DFW Cosplay Gallifrey group and The T.A.R.D.I.S. from their engagement photo shoot!

"HavenCon is Texas' first all-inclusive LGBTQIA convention that connects fan fiction writers, artists and, of course, fans – uniting different folks with different strokes for the prosperity of geeks everywhere. The first annual HavenCon kicks off Saturday, April 4, at Holiday Inn Midtown and promises dozens of guest panelists, including The Doctor Who Couple- TJ & Timmy Mundell-Patterson, along with P.J. Byrne and Janet Varney of the Legend of Korra, and much more!""

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