The Greatest 90’s Collectibles

If businesses knew anything in the 90’s it was to make 100 products and say 99 of them are “rare”

1. Beanie Babies: We all have a box like this at our parent’s house. And that is why they are worthless

2. Pogs: The greatest form of schoolyard gambling ever invented

3. Pokemon Cards: Your mom still calls them Pokeman

4. Tamagotchi: The ones today have a pause button. That’s cheating.

5. McDonald’s Toys: The food was irrelevant…but delicious.

6. Lisa Frank School Supplies: PRO-your neon folders were easy to find in the house. CON-At school you constantly mixed yours up with your friends.

7. Baseball Cards: 90’s cards are worthless. Honus Wagner? $250k. Derek Jeter Rookie Card? $6.50. Looks like you will have to get a job after all…

8. Crazy Bones: Jaws, Top Hat, and Eggy will always be the original three.

9. Troll Dolls: We loved collecting things that look like they want to kill you in your sleep.

10. Charity Wristbands: Before you collected Causes on Facebook you wore them on your wrist.

11. Got Milk? Ads: No magazine was safe if it had a Got Milk? Ad in it. Period.

12. Koosh Balls: A black eye never felt so good.

13. Finger Skateboards: Because while some people have talent in their whole body, others are limited to two primary appendages.

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