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    Top 10 Carousels To Check Out

    Saddle up for the most incredible carousels around!

    1. Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn, New York


    Designed by Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1922. It was purchased in 1984 and restored to its original condition. With its glass enclosure, you are able to ride this carousel anytime, rain or shine. The 2012 Travel & Leisure Design Awards named Jan'es Carousel Pavilion the "Best Public Space".

    2. Cedar Downs Racing Derby in Sandusky, Ohio


    This distinctive racing carousel is located at Cedar Point Amusement Park, it was built in 1920 but moved to its present location in 1967. This carousel is made to mimic a horse race, and reaching maximum speed of 15 mph it appears as if you are racing the other horses on the ride.

    3. Looff Carrousel in Spokane, Washington


    This stunning carrousel has been in the City of Spokane since it first began operation, and to this day it is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Spokane. It originally was built and installed as a wedding gift for Charles Looff's daughter. Carrousels designed and built by master craftsman Charles Looff have historically taken the French spelling, "carrousel".

    4. A Carousel for Missoula in Missoula, Montana


    Located right on the Clark Fork River, this little gem is a must-see. Missoula cabinet-maker Chuck Kaparich mad a promise to the Missoula City Council in 1991, "If you will give it a home, and promise no one will ever take it apart, I will build A Carousel for Missoula". It reaches a max speed of 11 mph and some of the hand-made horses even have real hair.

    5. Endangered Species Carousel in Fort Wayne, Indiana


    This carousel is the first of its kind, depicting endangered species from Southeast Asia. Since it opened in 1994, the carousel has been a huge attraction for the zoo and has initiated many other zoos to incorporate a zoo-themed carousel as well.

    6. Kennywood Park Carousel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


    This carousel is one of the oldest in the country, it was built in 1927 by William H. Dentzel of Philadelphia. Containing 72 hand-carved animals, it was originally advertised by the park as "the largest and most elaborate carousel ever built".

    7. Pier 39 Carousel in San Francisco, California


    This double-decker carousel is a one of a kind gem in the United States. It was handcrafted in Italy and is decorated with paintings of it's home city.

    8. Smithsonian Carousel in Washington D.C.


    Right down the street from where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream" speech is where is adorable carousel sits. Built in 1947 by Allan Herschell, it was originally located in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Washington D.C. in 1981.

    9. Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel in Los Angeles, California


    Located in the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, this California-themed carousel features 66 endangered animals. Instead of your typical organ melody, this carousels plays music only made by California musicians.

    10. Columbia Carousel in Chicago, Illinois


    Standing 10 stories high it is one of the tallest carousels in the world.This double decker carousel offers breathtaking views of the Six Flags amusement park where it resides. Each horse on the carousels is a replica of one of the world's most famous carousel horses.

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