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    15 Signs You're An Azerbaijani Dissident

    In response to this.

    1. You want to have a birthday party, but since all of your friends are in jail, there is no one to come.

    2. You have problems finding a venue for your wedding.

    Wedding halls fear the repercussions.

    3. Your relatives don't invite you to weddings.

    It might cause problems.

    4. Your sex life is probably being filmed.

    Smile for the camera!

    5. No one will hire you.

    On an upnote, you have so much time for your activist activities.

    6. So you spend your whole day online.

    7. You never know if they will let you leave the country or not.

    8. If a month goes by without being called into the prosecutor's office, you're happy.

    But you also begin to get paranoid - when will they call you in?

    9. You love Gunduz.

    10. You have groupies.

    11. Ireli has made a meme about you.

    And if you're lucky, you have a hashtag too.

    12. You can't wait to look at protest photos on Facebook.

    13. And maybe someone will take a picture of a sign you made.

    14. Sometimes you might get hurt.

    15. It isn't an easy life, but you keep fighting.

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