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    Posted on Oct 21, 2017

    Difference Between Dog And Human Vision – New Research

    It has been the belief for many years that dogs have a vastly different vision of humans. This is not entirely true though. Sure, they see most colors and shapes in a similar way to us but human and dog vision is different for reasons that have us looking at dogs in a whole new light!

    New Research On Dog Vision-1

    Anatomy of the eyes

    The anatomy of the eyes for both dogs and humans are similar. Like humans, dogs have rods and cones, similarly used as light receptors. They help us make out the shapes and colors of the object we are looking at. Dogs have their eyes set on the side while human eyes are set forward on the face. This has to do with the prey/predator anatomy. Prey has to have better peripheral vision. Dogs have limited peripheral vision. Thus, dogs are the predators and humans are prey.

    Seeing in color

    It has been the ongoing thought that dogs see in black and white. They have no way to different things based on their color. This is not the case at all. Dogs can see in color much like humans. The difference between how dogs see color and how humans see color is the range. Humans see a much larger and broader range of colors. We also see them more vividly than dogs do.

    How dogs’ eyes are better than ours?

    Dogs have far better night vision than we could ever hope to have. Again, this helps them with hunting. Another aspect of their predator ways is that they are better at sensing motion. They are able to catch small, fast movement out of the corner of their eye. One of the drawbacks to having great night vision and motion is that they are nearsighted. This means that they cannot see very far. While their vision might be good, it does not stretch very far.

    New Research On Dog Vision-2

    Dogs have some great advantages over humans as far as vision goes. Being able to sense quick motion and having night vision can be great assets. However, humans are able to see bright, vibrant colors that light up life. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It is clear that things aren’t always what they seem! Check out more facts about dog breeds here and you’ll be amazed what sets each breed apart from each other, let alone from humans.

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