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9 Things That Happen When You Are A Petite Girl With A Baby Face

is struggle....

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1. People will always think you as the youngest sibling


2. High School freshmans didn't believe you when you said you were a Senior / Via tumblr

I am not joking

3. In college people thought you were some kind of genius because of your appearance

if you said so

4. Even when you are legally allow to drink alcohol, people will doubt it

where we go again

5. You use make-up to look older / Via tumblr

6. Buying clothes that fit you is a monetary struggle

is a love & hate relationship with any petite section

7. You have been suggested to shop in the kids section, by the store employee

I just said: I am looking for clothes for an interview

8. You have become creative trying to get things by yourself

or just hopeful you will

or just hopeful you will

9. And just when you think that you have experiences all...a new situation occurs

Great just great

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