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  • Every Time is Pon!

    Everyone already knows that Japanese pop music is pretty unique. However, the videos to accompany these songs are even more bizarre. This music video is called, “PONPONPON” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu . “Pon” means “clap” in Japanese, typically, if memory serves me correctly. This music video has not been out exceptionally long, and you wonder what in the world is wrong with you because you can not stop watching this! Knowing what the words mean is not truly necessary, since it does not make any sense any way, but it is generally a song about clapping your hands, skipping down the sidewalk, listening to your headphones, listening to your feelings, riding a merry go round, and so forth. This video is like tripping on acid, and definitely a WTF? worthy experience. My favorite part is when she claps and pieces of toast appear. Enjoy!

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