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These Snaps Prove New Zealand Wins At Snapchat

Oh, you thought New Zealanders couldn't Snapchat? Nah. They can. Pick up your phone and follow tinnyvision on Snapchat for all the proof you need.

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Meet tinnyvision. It's a Snapchat account with a bunch of guys from NZ doing... actually, we don't know what they're doing.

But it involves fruit:

The best part about this is this guy's banana claws. Why does he have banana claws? What is even happening here? So many questions, so few answers.

Maybe the answers we need are inside these nuts?

Then again, maybe not.

Or maybe this guy knows what's happening:

Actually, nah.

Actually, nah.

Meanwhile, this guy is furious because he has run out of chips:

He's very angry. We would be too.

And this one fell asleep on the stairs, and now his face is a helipad:

You do you, stair guy.

Do these guys know the secrets of the universe?

It's possible.

tinnyvision is all of us.

So follow tinnyvision on Snapchat. Because, believe it or not, these guys have more important things to show you.

All images courtesy of tinnyvision