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    The 20 Stages Of Your Work Christmas Party

    We've all been there. You talk a big game about not overdoing it. You've made this mistake before, but now you're older and wiser. Until the shots come out.

    1. It starts with a promise that THIS year, you will be civilized.

    2. You take the obligatory "fun" photos with your colleagues.

    3. After a couple of drinks, you're all "chat, chat, chat chat."

    4. And then someone suggests...

    5. Another drink? Why, thank you! Don't mind if I do!

    6. All of a sudden you find yourself on the dance floor.

    7. You see things you can't unsee.

    8. Despite having had a sit down meal, you realise you NEED a cheeseburger.

    9. And now is the perfect time to post some selfies.

    10. Loads of them. To all your social networks.

    11. Which then gives you an idea: time for some work emails!

    12. But the inevitable happens.

    13. For hours.

    14. Until it's time to rest your head

    15. Suddenly it's morning. And you have to go to work. Drat.

    16. You start to have flashbacks.

    17. You can't remember how you got home...

    18. And some bright spark begins to circulate the pictures.

    19. Oh god, the pictures.

    20. You make a vow, there and then, that next year you'll be more civilized.