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Or Is It Just Me? Hairy Girl Edition

Don't you just hate that?

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1. The post-winter shave

Don't you hate it when it's, like, not winter anymore, so it's no longer appropriate to be covered from neck to toe, so you have to shave off months worth of winter hair and the floor of your shower looks like you sheared a black lamb... Or is it just me?

2. The bug trap

Ok, and don't you hate it when you're feeling real good driving down the road-windows down, and your long as heck arm hairs are blown' in the wind, and every thing is perfect, but then a bug gets trapped in your long as heck arm hairs because the hairs are so long and everything just goes downhill from there? No? Nobody?

3. The stick or the 'stache

Ok, surely you ladies can relate to this one. SURELY. So, ok, don't you hate it when you want to wear your favorite lipstick but you haven't waxed your mustache is a while, and it's clearly visible, and adding lipstick to the situation will only bring more attention to the dark shadow above your lip, but you're also not about to wax your 'stache right now, so you leave the house without your favorite lipstick on and your mustache on full display? Anyone? No, ok, that's fine. it's just me I guess.

4. The hair sprouts

Now I know this is relatable, like seriously it can't just be me. Don't you hate it when you finally do shave and you're feeling real good and you step out of the shower, and the cool air from the A/C hits you, and you can literally feel the hairs growing right the frick back through their lil hair follicles or whatever, and you're just like what even was the point of me shaving in the first place? No? Just me?

5. The fun hairs

Ok, this one is a long shot, so I'm not even hopeful but... Don't you hate it when you have to sit in your bathroom, on the toilet seat cover, looking into a little mirror, taking a tweezer to your face and plucking out what seems like hundreds of hairs on your face and neck because your hormones are imbalanced and cause you to grow all this extracurricular hair that you didn't ask for, but you wanna feel like a normal girl so you have to go through this process on at least a weekly basis, and it's super annoying but it's life so what are you gonna do? Or is it just me?

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