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Halloween Meowloween

15 Cats in their Halloween costumes.

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1. Mick the Teen Wolf heartthrob is giving the ladies heart palpitations.

Instagram: @meowing_mick

2. The joy of painting with Norman aka Bob Ross.

Instagram: @brookesphynx

4. Miss Angelica Pickles is very curious.

Instagram: @misspicklescat

5. Willow aka Ken Bone asking important questions about cat policies.

Instagram: @willowthesquishycat

6. Tidus bringing safety and cuteness to the neighborhood.

Instagram: @mycatkyle

7. Ridley shows us how to Halloween on a budget.

Instagram: @ridley_the_xfire_tuxedo

8. Piglet Tidus meows oink oink but only for Halloween.

Instagram: @tidus03

9. Cabbage Patch Wheezy partying like it's 1986 or not.

Instagram: @tinaf78

10. Hermione the caterpillar is more beautiful than a butterfly.

Instagram: @hermione_mn

11. Sophie the Lobster would love to be dipped in buttah.

Instagram: @sophie_the_model

12. Captain Sebs is ready to set sail.

Instagram: @papa_pounce

13. Mr. O'Malley has what it takes to make the touchdown.

Instagram: @mr_omalley_thecat

14. Aris was born to be an adorable Ewok.

Instagram: @arisflatface

15. Batman George is bringing sexy back.

Instagram: @tinaf78
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