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    Halloween Meowloween

    15 Cats in their Halloween costumes.

    1. Mick the Teen Wolf heartthrob is giving the ladies heart palpitations.

    2. The joy of painting with Norman aka Bob Ross.

    3. Duffy the unicorn is magical.

    4. Miss Angelica Pickles is very curious.

    5. Willow aka Ken Bone asking important questions about cat policies.

    6. Tidus bringing safety and cuteness to the neighborhood.

    7. Ridley shows us how to Halloween on a budget.

    8. Piglet Tidus meows oink oink but only for Halloween.

    9. Cabbage Patch Wheezy partying like it's 1986 or not.

    10. Hermione the caterpillar is more beautiful than a butterfly.

    11. Sophie the Lobster would love to be dipped in buttah.

    12. Captain Sebs is ready to set sail.

    13. Mr. O'Malley has what it takes to make the touchdown.

    14. Aris was born to be an adorable Ewok.

    15. Batman George is bringing sexy back.