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    Grumpy Cat WHO?

    16 cats that have every reason to be grumpy.

    1. Don't even think about interrupting Perry's yoga session.

    2. You don't want to run into Porkchop down some dark alley.

    3. Sauerkraut is grumpy and always judging you.

    4. Albert's death stare is bone chilling.

    5. You would be grumpy if you had no neck like Edison.

    6. Romey rolls his eyes at boring humans. Bah humbug.

    7. Nothing makes Wheezy happy, not even a toy offering.

    8. Kyle has every right to be grumpy about this election. Someone please vote for Kyle!

    9. Apparently Hitch has a job. I would be drinking too if I were a cat.

    10. Mr. Einstein is grumpy about having to share everything with his brother. Everything.

    11. You would be grumpy if your human exposed your secrets on the inter-webs. We feel you Knox.

    12. You would be grumpy like Scruffles if you had to deal with a chicken pooping and running. Where is the law and order in this house?!

    13. Juice gets real grumpy when everyone is having fun without her. Especially her brother Luciano.

    14. Stella gets real grumpy when the humans tease her with chicken. She salivates too.

    15. Rukas is grumpy about Lieutenant Dan being all up in his business even though he's super cute.

    16. Rocky is grumpy about having to dress up on Sundays. What happened lazy Sunday?!