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Grumpy Cat WHO?

16 cats that have every reason to be grumpy.

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1. Don't even think about interrupting Perry's yoga session.

Instagram: @yanksgal23

2. You don't want to run into Porkchop down some dark alley.

Instagram: @_porkchopthecat_

3. Sauerkraut is grumpy and always judging you.

Instagram: @thesauerkrautkitty

4. Albert's death stare is bone chilling.

Instagram: @pompous

5. You would be grumpy if you had no neck like Edison.

Instagram: @heresfancynfriends

6. Romey rolls his eyes at boring humans. Bah humbug.

Instagram: @hussycats

7. Nothing makes Wheezy happy, not even a toy offering.

Instagram: @tinaf78

8. Kyle has every right to be grumpy about this election. Someone please vote for Kyle!

Instagram: @mycatkyle

9. Apparently Hitch has a job. I would be drinking too if I were a cat.

Instagram: @hitchcock_presents

10. Mr. Einstein is grumpy about having to share everything with his brother. Everything.

Instagram: @mr

11. You would be grumpy if your human exposed your secrets on the inter-webs. We feel you Knox.

Instagram: @meow_york_kitties

12. You would be grumpy like Scruffles if you had to deal with a chicken pooping and running. Where is the law and order in this house?!

Instagram: @scruffles_fatcat

13. Juice gets real grumpy when everyone is having fun without her. Especially her brother Luciano.

Instagram: @juiceecat

14. Stella gets real grumpy when the humans tease her with chicken. She salivates too.

Instagram: @catifornia_cats

15. Rukas is grumpy about Lieutenant Dan being all up in his business even though he's super cute.

Instagram: @rukasthecat

16. Rocky is grumpy about having to dress up on Sundays. What happened lazy Sunday?!

Instagram: @rockyflatcat
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