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    Updated on Sep 25, 2019. Posted on Sep 25, 2019

    People Tell Us Their Weird Sports Superstitions And Traditions

    Every team basically has a coven of warlocks behind them performing dark magic to ensure victory.

    Having a trusty toilet

    "If my team are down, I go and sit in the bathroom until they score. I don’t pee or anything. I just sit in the bathroom. Works every time. My friends know that it works and sometimes they INSIST that I go to the bathroom.

    —Ashley C.

    Wearing the same clothing

    "If we’re on a winning streak, I’ll wear one piece of clothing from when the streak started for the rest of the streak. I wore the same pair of pants throughout round one of the playoffs. As soon as they lost, the pants were tossed in the wash."

    —George U.

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    Purposefully being late to the game

    "I never watch the start of any game I watch. I feel like it jinxes my team."

    —Veronica G.


    "Growing up, if my team was doing poorly, I would become very self-conscious about my body positioning. For example, which leg was crossed over which. I would make small changes every few minutes until my team started doing well, at which time I would stay in exactly whatever body position I had contorted myself into for the rest of the game."

    —Trenton O.

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    Growing facial hair

    "My ex's dad grew a playoff beard during hockey playoffs. When my team beat his to go to the final, I stood in the bathroom door and mocked him while he shaved it off. He threatened to kick me out of the house."

    —Rae M.

    Swearing off the bathroom

    "I didn't pee for the entire length of an important game because anytime I got up to pee the the other team would score."

    —Judy E.

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    Taking a vow of silence

    "My brother is a big basketball fan and the last time the Lakers were in the playoffs he took a vow of silence during the games and it was very creepy."

    —Connor H.

    Not participating in this post

    "There is an unspoken rule that you can't reveal your superstition if it's working so I won't share mine lol."

    —Sarah G.

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